Gran Meliá Palacio De Isora Tenerife

Avenida Los Océanos, s/n, Alcalá Tenerife - Guia de Isora

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5-star luxury resort in Tenerife's stunning natural beauty

With the Atlantic Ocean at its feet and the majestic Teide as a backdrop, this resort combines timeless luxury with an avant-garde flair, providing endless magical moments.

The natural beauty of Tenerife combines with an intense passion for service in the most superior luxury hotel on the island. With the Atlantic Ocean at its feet and the majestic Teide as a backdrop, the stunning scenery and eternal spring climate allows the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora to provide guests with endless magical moments.

The hotel has taken care of everything down to the very finest detail in each of its rooms, creating a personalised setting to ensure your total satisfaction. Imagine the experience of viewing the sun setting over the ocean from one of the magnificent suites in this fantastic resort, the best 5 star hotel in Tenerife.

Exceptional Experiences

Flying between volcanos

One of the world´s most spectacular geological monuments

The National Park of the Teide where the volcanic cones and the lava runs form an extraordinary group of colors and shapes. Now is the time to enjoy the most visited National Park of Europe from other perspective, paragliding and ploughing through the two biggest rock falls of the island and landing on the coast. It is a 2,200 meters fall and flying above the forest belt, a sensation of freedom is guaranteed.

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Volcanic Cave & Winery

Private visit to the volcanic cave “cueva del viento”

Enjoy its unique geomorphologic characteristics with an speleologist guide and visit after a winery with a fine wine tasting and premium lunch. The structure of the cave is formed by three overlapping levels, a phenomenon that can’t be seen in any other place in the world. In addition, it presents a wide variety of primary structures such us lava stalactites, lava waterfalls, lagoons and lateral terraces. Inside the cave you can also find some fossils of extinguished vertebrate animals like the giant lizard, and some other bones from species that have disappeared in Tenerife. This trial will be always guided by a speleologist who will reveal the secrets of one of the most spectacular volcanic caves in the world.

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Stargazing Experience

Exclusively at Gran Meliá Palacio De Isora from our garden to enjoy a memorable evening

Discover the sky in Tenerife, internationally known for the observation of the stars. An evening soiree accompanied by a gastronomic and sensorial experience at the highest level exclusively within our wonderful gardens.

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Seeking the Blue Marlin Fish

Everything stays calm until the fishing reel starts to roll

At this moment everything changes, the adrenaline substitutes the calm, the cable tenses, you need to be stronger and your pulse accelerates until one of you falters. When you finish you can feel that all the work is worth it. You haven’t rest when you start thinking on the next fish. The characteristics of the island, make the trolling the main method of fishing. You may search for tunas, dorados, wahoo and the great marling fish. You will also have available bottom fishing with light equipment and magnificent latest generation electric reels.

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Fine dining