White Villages Tour

Where tradition and history connect around one colour: white

Cross our White Villages in a 4x4 and discover the singularities that our rural Andalucía offers: Handcraft, leather, the famous Ronda bullfight ring, the exclusive wine cellar in a convent from XVI…

Our multilingual chauffeur will pick you up at our hotel. In your way to los Pueblos Blancos (The White Villages), we will visit amazing spots like Casares and Gaucín.

Straightaway, we will get into the popular Pueblos Blancos Tour. You will get to know places where Al-Andalus traditions remain alive through the street’s layout, their olive oil cultivation  based economy, the handcrafted production of leather items…

After, you will be introduced to the magnificent city of Ronda, ancient home of bandits, wher you will visit the bullfighting ring “Monumental”, a crudle for the modern tauromachy, as well as its popular gorge “Tajo de Ronda”. A while after, you will get to the picturesque country house “Descalzos Viejos”, a wine cellar which lies at the feet of the Tajo and from you were you will be able to admire the unforgettable views of the city…it is undoubtely one of the most charming wine cellars of Spain.

At your arrival you will be welcomed at the entrance by the owner of the country house in order to guide you privetely to discover the house and the wine cellar; you will find yourself inside of a trinitary convent from 1505 in which you will observe the barrels where this fantastic wine is prepared. At this captivating place you will be delighted by a wine tasting with tapas enjoying the splendid wines from the house.

As a perfect farewell for the day, do not miss the landscapes of the road of Ronda towards

San Pedro de Alcántara and Marbella, where Ell Estrecho de Gibraltar y Marruecos can be spotted on clear days.

For any further details about this unique package, please ask at the reception for prices and availabilities or email.