Volcanic Cave & Winery

Private visit to the volcanic cave “cueva del viento”

Enjoy its unique geomorphologic characteristics with an speleologist guide and visit after a winery with a fine wine tasting and premium lunch. The structure of the cave is formed by three overlapping levels, a phenomenon that can’t be seen in any other place in the world. In addition, it presents a wide variety of primary structures such us lava stalactites, lava waterfalls, lagoons and lateral terraces. Inside the cave you can also find some fossils of extinguished vertebrate animals like the giant lizard, and some other bones from species that have disappeared in Tenerife. This trial will be always guided by a speleologist who will reveal the secrets of one of the most spectacular volcanic caves in the world.

You will have private transportation from the hotel and back and you can choose the starting time at your convenience. We recommend to start the activity at 9:30 am.

Meeting point: Reception

For any further details about this unique package, please ask at the reception for prices and availabilities or email.