Seeking the Blue Marlin Fish

Everything stays calm until the fishing reel starts to roll

At this moment everything changes, the adrenaline substitutes the calm, the cable tenses, you need to be stronger and your pulse accelerates until one of you falters. When you finish you can feel that all the work is worth it. You haven’t rest when you start thinking on the next fish. The characteristics of the island, make the trolling the main method of fishing. You may search for tunas, dorados, wahoo and the great marling fish. You will also have available bottom fishing with light equipment and magnificent latest generation electric reels.

You will have private transportation from and to the hotel and you can choose the start time at your convenience. We recommend to start the activity at 9:00am.

Meeting point: Reception

For any further details about this unique package, please ask at the reception for prices and availabilities or email.